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Opening Soon / Opening Now

(November 2008 - November 2009)

I developed this project in a former brothel over the course of a year. To research the transitional character of the location, going from a brothel to a renovated house, I transformed the space successively into different public and semi-public functions: public library, golf club, Institute for Cultural Remembrance and Mnemonic Practices, Turkish snack bar, agnostic temple, Symposium for Urban Investment, public swimming pool and a new wing of the Anne Frank Museum. The different functions resulted in installations, performances, videos and photographs.


A series of posters was developed for 'Opening Soon / Opening Now' in collaboration with graphic designer Jennifer Skupin. These posters play a central part in the project. The posters inform the passers-by and emphasize the building's continual transformation by graphically showing the sequence of its different functions. Current information is alternately revealed. The series of 18 posters has been made into an edition of silkscreen prints.


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